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SCB Business Net is an Internet financial service platform designed to facilitate your business. With SCB Business Net, you can make secure financial transactions and retrieve information and reports in an instant, protected by a World-Class security system.

  Services Details
  • Accounting information: balance statements, real-time statements, and previous statements, etc.
  • Remittance within your organization and/or to your suppliers and other parties.
  • Payments: payroll, payments to suppliers, etc.
  • Transaction information and report retrieval: presentment, cheques for collection, payroll, payments made to suppliers, etc.
  • Others: FX rates, interest rates, cheque stop-payments, account freezing, etc.
  • Convenient: SCB Business Net is available anywhere and anytime on the Internet.
  • Efficient: you can save time and money when making financial transactions.
  • Reliable: you can download your financial information for verification and account reconciliation.
  • Choice: you can determine user roles as you wish.
  • Secure: transactions will be approved with a password or token.
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View Service Demo
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